‘Love At Last’

October 27, 2011

I remember the good times,
that we once had…
but still my life,
is oh…so sad

I try to look forward,
but my mind goes back…
cuz a piece of the glass,
on our portrait is cracked

I try so hard to protect the glass,
I won’t let it shatter…
Because you and your love,
are all that matters

My family is all,
that means anything to me…
still…everything always
gets blamed on me

This happens to Moms,
all over the world…
we’re supposed to be perfect,
we learn this as girls

I have never been great
or the “best of Moms”…
And, at times I’ve failed
by the things I’ve done wrong

For those things I am sorry,
I didn’t want you to cry…
but please remember,
my eyes are not dry

I hope you can find,
our love that seems lost…
for the mistakes I have made,
came at a very high cost

A piece of my life,
is missing and gone…
And everything feels,
Oh…so wrong

But, there is one thing,
that I can do…
I will try to be strong,
just for you

One thing I feel,
down deep in my heart…
It’s my love for you,
I guess that’s a start

You have a new child
now growing inside…
And, I hope that you feel
each of his kicks with pride

You will feel love,
like never before…
it is your family,
you will completely adore

Its a new beginning,
you will forget the past…
It completes you as a woman,
It will be “Love at Last”

Peggy Liimatta



Two different worlds.
Same photos.

Conclusion: Don’t ask questions, just sit back and answers will come to you.
All the answers were answered.

Knock knock.

You wake up in the morning and sometimes life just smacks you in the face.
Go with the flow on any show.

Six Months.

It has been a half a year since I stepped down from my teams.
So much has changed but I still miss it.

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